The Amber Cole Video

I have to say that I had noticed the name moving around a bit, but hadn’t given it much thought.  I have been very concerned recently with the many teenage suicides that have been flooding in lately.  I now have read the news of this 14 year old girl named “Amber Cole”.  I have not seen any mainstream news outlets picking up on this story yet, but I am sure there is going to be a power struggle soon.  This story has some very ugly undertones to it.  I feel so bad for this girl.  It does appear as if she were taken advantage of.  I don’t know if she knew she was being videoed or not, nor do I know what the true reason was for the act being done in the first place.  Some have it that she did it for a pair of shoes, the other is that she wanted her boyfriend back.  All I do know is that a huge mistake is now going to complicate this young girl’s life for, who knows, maybe the rest of her life.

After all the teen suicide articles I have posted and retweeted and read, I have a bad feeling about this story.  I certainly pray that she is a strong girl.  There is no way a true identity can be hidden for long.  I know it is reported that she is 14 years old, so hopefully that will give her a bit of anonymity since she is a minor.  If more information does surface then we certainly will have a media frenzy in full crazy mode.

It is not unheard of of girls doing what they can to get their boyfriends back, but it truly shows that some guys certainly are not worth it.  From the scabs of information I have gleaned from the stories, it would appear the boyfriend was in on the videoing of the sex act and fully intended for it to go as far as it has.  This is of course fully speculative on my part, but I can’t help but think that this porr girl has been used for some very unfortunate deeds.

The whole story about the new sneakers is a bit far fetched to me, but in this day and age anything is possible.  If she knew she were being videoed, then this poor girl has so been raised without anything she needed to survive in this world.  She has been so let down by those who were tasked to look out for her well being.  That last statement was purely my thoughts on the matter.  It is so unfortunate that this has happened.

I try to figure out if they can even bring this into the mainstream news.  She is a minor and we are talking about a pretty sex act.  I guess this is something for the Dr. Phils and Jerry Springers of the News Media.

There are support videos and blogs and the like out there hoping that “Amber Cole” hears their support and keeps her spirits high.  Some are a bit over dramatic and it makes me wonder about their true intentions.  All that is neither here nor there now.  “Amber Cole” has to deal with this and those who videoed this and uploaded it for the world to see better have some consequences to face.  this is purely creation of Child Pornography and definitely shows a lack of any decency.  To me it totally appears as if this was something the boys cooked up and now “Amber Cole” will have to live with these boy’s total disregard for another human being’s well being.

This could have a very bad ending, not like it is not bad enough, but if “Amber Cole” takes her own life because of this incident and pure lack of good judgement, then these boys had better be held accountable.  Hoping and Praying that this can somehow end better than it is going right now.


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